VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Is Our Hideaway Ecstasy

Check out this fantastic new video from the talented verenajj. 
It's guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Is Calling The Ladies Out

LOL as if Rob ever had to call the ladies out. 
Check out this great new video by the talented verenajj. It's a great collection of all Rob's appearances over the past 2 months set to some brilliant music!

Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce & David Michod Are Gifted Some Artwork By @maybird36

I'm pretty sure most of you by now know Audrey's Artwork from the many posts here featuring it.

Well last night at the London screening and Q&A of The Rover Audrey gifted some of her masterpieces to Rob.
This was something she had been talking about doing for a VERY long time but she wanted to be sure that he would receive them and what a better way to make sure than to hand them to him herself!
Of course being the person she is she couldn't leave out Guy and David so she also did a portrait of each of them!

To say that I have a smile on my face that this has happened for her is an understatement. My face hurts I've been smiling so much! It could NOT happen to a nicer, more gracious person.

I'll shut up now and let you look at the video (Audrey is right at the end of it. Guy spots her in the audience and says "This woman has a question").
If you want to see some of Audrey's fabulous Artwork click ART in the Menu section at the top of the site.