Happy Halloween

Looking to spruce up your computer for Halloween? Then look no further. Check out these great wallpapers by Tarah and Jules!

 photo halloweenbackground.png

 photo Halloween_wall.png

 photo Trick_or_treat.png

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 photo halloweenbackground.png  photo Trick_or_treat.png  photo Halloween_wall.png

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Is Our Hideaway Ecstasy

Check out this fantastic new video from the talented verenajj. 
It's guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson Is Calling The Ladies Out

LOL as if Rob ever had to call the ladies out. 
Check out this great new video by the talented verenajj. It's a great collection of all Rob's appearances over the past 2 months set to some brilliant music!