PIC EDIT: Robert Pattinson - "Mission: Blacklist" Fanmade Poster

So you have probably already heard that one of Robert Pattinson's NEW projects is a movie called "Mission:Blacklist", if you haven't check out the news HERE

Fanni has made a fanmade poster to celebrate the news. Isn't it great?


I love it and am SO excited about this new project for Rob.
I've downloaded it on my kindle and can't wait to start reading

Here are the links if you want to order too

Amazon US
Book & Kindle Version

Amazon UK
Book & Kindle Version


  1. I love this - that is SO COOL!!!! Thanks Kate for sharing & many thanks to Fanni

  2. I love it too Mel. Fanni did a fantastic job on it and it was too good not to share!
    Can't wait to see Rob in a uniform. Don't know if I will handle it!