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People confuse between real estate agents and real estate lawyers. While both professions differ widely in terms of responsibilities, authorities and functionality, yet buyers and sellers tend to ask wrong questions to the wrong person. For example,

  • If you ask a real estate lawyer about the price range of luxury homes for sale in Toronto, he would only give his guess. Here, you may want to go through Kevin Loberg home listing,or consult a property agent.
  • If you ask an agent to review your transaction and give his advice, chances are he would give you rather unprofessional answer to that. This is a question only attorney could answer in the best possible manner.

Another important thing is, real estate agent is not a necessity to complete a transaction, but you would always need a lawyer to oversee the process and make sure the deal is closed smoothly.


In the following lines, you can learn about the responsibilities of real estate attorneys:

Document Drafting

One of the major job responsibilities of a real estate attorney is document drafting. The kinds of documents prepared by real estate lawyers include:

  • Deeds for transactions
  • Rental and lease agreements
  • Financing agreements
  • Purchase contracts

Here, real estate agents will help you fill out these documents according to your requirements. The documents are submitted for review and the attorney reviews and gives his suggestions. Only licensed attorneys can draft or review these documents.


Because of their experience and qualifications, real estate lawyers may be asked to negotiate terms and conditions of particular property deal. For negotiation, your attorney works with the following people:

  • Other attorney
  • Brokers
  • Developers
  • Investors

Attorneys usually have a lot of experience of this particular area. In fact, commercial contractors and builders take their services to negotiate deals.

Transaction Review

This is the sole responsibility of a real estate lawyer. In fact, some attorneys only offer this particular service, and it normally happens in residential property transactions. Buyer and seller negotiate a deal and sign contract. Then they ask real estate attorney to review the contract with “Due Diligence”. The attorney would review the following:

  • Legal title issues
  • Reports
  • Environment issues
  • Other related documents and contracts.


If property transactions don’t work out, affected party involves takes the matter to the court. Real estate attorneys represent their clients in lawsuits and perform following duties:

  • Draft legal pleadings
  • Participate in hearing
  • Trial with the judge
  • File appeals
  • Bargain with opposing party for agreement settlement


Real estate attorneys can specialize in trust deed foreclosure and mortgage law. They are hired by lenders and borrowers.

  • Attorneys representing lenders guide them through foreclosure process. It may include filing a lawsuit.
  • Attorney representing borrowers challenge mistakes in foreclosure process and make lender’s life difficult. They also negotiate with lenders on behalf of borrowers to settlement agreement with respect to foreclosure.

So, always consult real estate lawyer before buying Toronto luxury homes for sale.

If you are working on a project, where you will need wood pellets, then it is a better option to use wood pellets which are made using the recycled wood. This will help in making the project environmentally friendly and you will also contribute towards supporting the planet as well. Normally, you throw away the wood, but you are using this wood for this kind of project, then you are recycling a lot of wood. You will need good wood pellets suppliers for buying the wood pellets. It is not going to be really easily when you are looking for wood pellet sellers. There are a very few suppliers like ecostrat, who is having years of experience in the business.

There are certain things that you will have to check before you actually start placing your orders for the fuel wood pellets.

item_13432_360.jpg (506×380)

Do not place your order at the first merchant or the manufacturer of wood pellets that you find. You should always make sure that you are looking for the best manufacturer. To do so, you will have to make a small list of at 5 to 10 merchants and then compare them. It will be easy for you to compare when you prepare a list and then compare, rather than comparing many at a time. When comparing the most important factors to consider are the price and quality. When you are placing the order for huge quantity, then there are chances that you will get high discounts.

When you need just a small quantity of wood pellets, then do not go for huge companies. You can start your purchasing with the small merchants. The reason is they will have good quality and the best stock as they make in smaller quantities.

When you are looking for the pellets seller, always make sure that you are looking for the businesses available in your area. Local businesses are the better option as they make it themselves and hence they will charge a little less for you. If they are using them temporarily and do not need them anymore, then there are chances that they give it away for free as well. So, doing a little research before you buy the wood pellets can be of great use for sure.

If you are looking for best buyers and in huge quantity, and if you will also be needing regularly, then it is a good option to place the order in bulk. It is always  good to discuss the bulk orders and regular orders in advance so that you will be able to get good discounts from the manufacturers. Finding the suppliers can be the difficult task and then checking all the required parameters is another important task before you place orders.

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