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Learning self defense is an essential part of your life. Do you think you can help a person fight street burglars? Have you come across any such situation? Can you imagine, someone in your family might have faced this situation? These questions lead to one solution, and that is to learn self defense.

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Why Self Defense

  • We interact with many people intentionally and unintentionally.
  • There are someone we know and someone we don’t know.
  • We cannot judge a stranger by his face. He may by an ordinary person passing by, or he might be the killer, a burglar or a thief.
  • You need to be attentive and alert while meeting someone you don’t know, and prepare yourself to face any unfortunate situation.

Instead of waiting for the bad experience, register yourself in a martial arts school teaching kravmagaand muaythai in Toronto, and prepare yourself for the worst situations. Self defense offers many benefits and some of them are mentioned below:


The reason why you feel afraid, or become fearful of difficult situations is due to the lack of self-discipline. People can easily lose their patience in emergency. They get over-excited when they were supposed to maintain their composure. Self-disciplined person can assess the situation and react according to it, in the best possible manner. If you want to improve your self-discipline, you can register yourself in martial arts classes in Toronto to work on self defense.

Self Confidence

Self defense works twofold. Firstly, it gives you the strength and energy to stand and face the challenge alone. If you’re not physically fit, chances are you’ll get oppressed easily. Self defense removes this weakness and makes you stronger.

Secondly, it makes you stronger and more confident. Your heart gets stronger and your mind becomes more active in difficult circumstance. In short, you can face most situations in which a normal man feels wanting.

Physical Strength

As mentioned earlier, self-defense teaches you to be strong under difficult circumstances. It doesn’t mean you should workout for hours and become a wrestler. To learn self defense you need to keep your body in shape. The more you learn, your body will become stronger with the passage of time. A physically strong individual possess a strong mind, a brave heart and high level of confidence to handle any situation. You can choose any martial arts style and shape your body according to it. Sticking to the routine will help you stay fit and live longer.


Many people think that they cannot multi-task. It’s not quite difficult though, but what’s difficult is maintaining a balance between the things you do so that you can perform those things in the best possible manner. Self defense training, such as martial arts in Toronto, teaches you how to balance your work and improve your multi-tasking abilities.

Street Awareness

As a learned self defense person, you will be aware of more things than an average person. You can take care of the people walking on the pathways. You can help individuals fight against potential burglars and robbers on the street. Apart from these threats, there may be an unfortunate accident on the road, and you can help the affected person with the presence of mind.


Different kinds of self defense trainings have different purposes, but all of them have a universal purpose as well – to make you stronger and better. Therefore, it is vital for everyone including kids, old people and women to learn self defense tactics and maximize their protection inside or outside their homes.

It is known that music has positive effect on everything. It is great when it comes to physical activity and exercising because it instantly makes us feel better and more willing to increase the amount of time we spend on exercises. Just because of this, most of the world’s famous athletes listen to music while exercising which helps them concentrate on the work they do. Music helps you ignore all the noise that comes from the outside so that you can focus only on what you do at the moment. Salvosa Brazilian jiu jitsu class in scarborough wants to explain you the importance of music in your life.

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Anyway, the impact that music has on physical activity is of a great importance and it should be noted that people who listen to music while walking or running spend more time doing that because music relaxes them.

There are so many researches and studies about this, and all of them agree that the rhythm that comes from music has a direct, positive effect on the brain while performing certain exercises or sports.

What you need to know about the music while exercising is to change it in every 10 minutes so that it doesn’t get boring. The change of the type of music brings changes in the heart rate in a positive way and reduces stress. Because music travels all the way to the brain beginning from the ears. So it should be pleasant for the whole body.

It is a fact that music combined with exercises will improve the mood. But what athletes want to know is that music increases the endurance. Yeah, music can have a direct impact on the endurance of each person. Being able to work out and listen to the music at the same time is a huge success. Being able to listen to your favorite music will give you more strength and willingness to stay and enjoy the moment no matter how hard it is.

Not only it affects the endurance of a person, music can boost your speed too. It doesn’t let you feel tired of feel any pain during the exercising process. Music makes us feel pleasant, and increases the secretion of the good hormones serotonin and dopamine. So in order to be more satisfied of what you do, listen to music. It can reduce the feeling of pain, fatigue and improve your mood. So after all, music provides the greatest satisfaction and without it exercises would be just another boring thing we are obliged to perform.

It is not something exclusive or expensive to do. It is simple and easy. Only after a few days you will start noticing small changes and begin to improve step by step. If you or some of your friends is having trouble to start exercising it is important to let them know what music can do for them and how powerful it is.

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