My PMI-PBA® Exam Journey and Study Tips

The PMI-PBA® (Professional in Business Analysis) certification is a method for you to be recognized for your accomplishments and talents in the business analysis profession via the PMI® organization. The PMI-PBA® certification may be a good match for you if you work on project teams and manage requirements, are engaged in product development, or are a project or program manager who does business analysis as part of your job duties.

The conditions for taking the test are severe, but they are necessary for certifying a business analysis expert after passing the exam successfully. The PMI-PBA® certification holds a high level of credibility, and in order to get it, you must show that you have received training as well as practical project management experience. As a final step, you must pass an examination that tests your knowledge of business analysis concepts and practices as well as business analysis tools and methodologies.

Your business analysis expertise might be included in your project experience. A current Project Management Professional (PMP®) or Program Management Professional (PgMP®) certification will meet this need, but it is not necessary for the PMI-PBA certification program.

An infographic on page 4 of the PMI PBA Certification Handbook provides a clear overview of the official procedure in detail.

What is the PMI-PBA® and Why Should you Care?

This is important to me since I train in business analysis knowledge domains and make lectures, offer webinars, and write blogs on the subject. Keeping up with the newest ideas and standards in business analysis is important to me, therefore I’m keeping up with them. Further than that, I view it as a window of opportunity for two further accomplishments:

In order to demonstrate my understanding of the business analysis ‘universe’. My learning progressed and I had “aha” moments that confirmed to me that what I teach and preach is definitely in line with what others are doing throughout the world.

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In order to truly get the certificationSprintzeal. I keep telling myself that this is the last exam I’ll ever take, and yet here I am taking another. I like learning new things and discussing them intelligently (I hope!) with people in my industry, but the fact is that I enjoy learning new things. Maintaining current certificates isn’t the only method to do this, of course, but I believe it is beneficial. In addition, for those of you who are younger than I am (no, I’m not going to give you my age; just go at my LinkedIn profile and you’ll figure it out! ), certifications are an excellent thing to include on a CV or to assist advance your career path inside a firm.

PMI-PBA® versus CBAP®: Which is Better?

Many individuals have approached me with the question, “Should I pursue the PMI-PBA® or CBAP certification?” My response, as is usually the case in business analysis, is “it depends.” I can’t argue with the fact that both are excellent certificates. Having both will undoubtedly help to improve your CV and qualifications. Based on my research into both bodies of knowledge or guides, I believe that the IIBA® BABOK is more geared toward the business analysis role at the project level, while the IIBA® BABOK is more geared toward the business analysis role at the enterprise level, where business analysis should be done to understand the strategies and tactics of an organization.

When working on projects or agile initiatives in combination with the project management job, the PBA® guide is a bit more focused on the project management function. The two certificates are appealing to me since they serve to verify the fact that business analysis IS vital. If that wasn’t the case, why would two excellent organizations like the IIBA and PMI® devote their efforts to the profession in the first place? We need business analysis, and we require it to be completed fully and effectively!