Most Stylish Ways To Style Ponytail Extensions

Although you want to deny it at times, hair is everything. It carries your look, helps you enhance your outfit, gives you confidence, and in many ways, enhances your features. You have often come across social media references, and based on how other people carry a hairstyle, you wish to do the same. But most models that show their sleek ponytails or luscious hairstyles often use extensions. The way they achieve this look is by using something called a clip-on extension.

The clip-ons can be differentiated based on material, such as synthetic (plastic fiber) clip-ons that can’t be styled with chemicals or heat. And the other is extensions made out of human hair. For example, you can use human hair ponytail extension and wrap them around your natural pony to give you the casual brunch look for the day.

Unlike semi-permanent hair extensions, these ponytail extensions do not require extravagant hours to achieve a long sleek ponytail or any other hairstyle. These are more affordable and don’t require professional help, which is not the case with semi-permanent hair extensions. Most common hair extensions require heat, glue, or sewing to keep them from falling and giving you a seamless look, but they also take up to 2-4 hours.

On the other hand, Clip-on is easier to manage and install and quicker than the rest. Although a broad market, the most common clip-on style you would notice is ponytail extensions as you can achieve easy styles-

Not everyone is gifted with thick hair, but you want to achieve the high sleek ponytails that celebrities pull off. And these extensions help with the same. You can accomplish a high-braid ponytail within a few minutes without struggling to make your natural hair look thick. Here are two easy hairstyles that you can achieve using human hair ponytail extensions-

Top Knot:

A wrap ponytail extension should not be limited to just ponytails; you can achieve various styles, such as a top knot. A top knot is something closer to a messy bun but with a more polished look up front. All you need to do is tie a pony of your natural hair, then tie a bun, attach the wrap ponytail extension, wrap it around the natural hair bun and add some gel to the front to clear any hair flyaways, and you are good to go. This hairstyle matches any office meeting or brunch with friends.

High Sleek Ponytail:

It is essential to use products that keep your hair intact such as hair spray or gels, to get a clean, sleek look. The next step is combing your extensions, and you can also use some heat if they are human hair extensions to add more to the elegant look. The next step is to attach it to the ponytail and wrap one section of the hair around the hair tie to cover it and give it a professional look.

Final Thoughts:

The above points give you a brief idea about human hair ponytail extensions and ways to style them. Before purchasing the extension, it is essential to look into the desired length of the extension to create a seamless look.