The “body positivity movement” has gained a lot of ground over the past few years. With plus size models gaining more notoriety in the fashion industry, increasing options for supportive plus size bras and sexy plus size lingerie styles, and an overall shift toward celebrating women of all body types, shapes, and sizes, curvier women have more support than ever before.

That being said, there is still a long way to go before the negative stigmas and stereotypes about curvy women are gone for good. One good thing is that curvy women don’t have to look as hard as they once did to find other curvy women to encourage them to celebrate their sexy figures instead of wishing they could change them.

Body positive blogs for curvy and plus size women are a great resource to have on hand when your body confidence needs a boost. The next time you’re feeling insecure about your curves, browse through these awesome blogs that will help you remember that your body is strong, sexy, and beautiful just the way it is.

  • Margot Meanie

Margot Meanie is a plus size fashion blogger who is renowned as the founder of the #AlternativeCurves hashtag campaign. #AlternativeCurves is designed to help curvy and plus size women feel more “seen” and worry less about whether or not their figures or style choices “fit in” with mainstream standards. Plus size women can tag the photos they post with #AlternativeCurves to automatically gain more visibility and support from other women. This simple hashtag unites women in a global virtual support group that helps every woman feel included and accepted.

Margot has a very experimental style and isn’t afraid to show off her alternative outfits on her blog for the world to see. She is a huge supporter of self-love for all women, and her blog is devoted to bringing together women of all shapes and sizes and encouraging them to express themselves however they want to without worrying about what anyone else might think of their choices.

  • Style Me Curvy

Style Me Curvy is a popular body positive blog that is run by international plus size model Louise O’Reilly. Louise O’Reilly is an ideal example of a successful, confident plus size woman who refuses to let her curves stop her.

Louise’s blog offers guides on everything from how to rock seasonal trends to how to pick out lingerie for your bust or clothes for your body type to how to pull off certain shoe styles. It’s the perfect body positivity blog to visit for inspiration and advice before you go shopping for lingerie or other plus size styles.

  • Jay Miranda

Jay Miranda is a well-balanced woman who is thriving in all aspects of her life, and her blog reflects just that while encouraging other curvy women—and all women, in general—to do the same. Not only is she a plus size fashion blogger with a popular virtual platform, Jay is also a devoted wife, mother, writer, and inspiration.

Jay Miranda’s blog is the perfect body positive blog to visit on days when you’re feeling uninspired by your own wardrobe options or under-confident while wearing your go-to styles. This blog features Jay’s “outfit archives”, which are basically just expansive, well-organized collections of photos of various outfits Jay has put together and effortlessly rocked—from dresses to jeans to maternity wear.

Jay Miranda’s blog is also designed to steer other women on the right path toward creating a successful blog of their own. Many readers are inspired by Jay’s blog, and she is eager to not only inspire these women but also help them actually bring their goals to fruition. A portion of her blog is devoted exclusively to relevant personalized blogging tips that are targeted specifically toward her base of curvy female readers.