Following four years of involvement in nearly all parts of leadership,identifying, qualifying, training, developing and consulting leaders, to serving, as a leader, for all organizations (large and small), I’ve frequently been asked, what I consider, to be, even the most important thing of principle, of leading effectively. I have discovered, and learned, whether it is possible to coach someone, and supply them, with the needed and necessary skills, to move, wisely, one must begin the method, using a certain type of mindset, and attitude. If that must be summed – up, simply, and essentially, it’d be, one has to be directedthe heart principle, to do, what’s suitable! With that in mind, this guide will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and discuss, with the mnemonic strategy, why understanding human nature. And/ or what makes us do, that which we do, is important and important. Righteous; important; responsive; responsible; ramifications: It is important to move, in a righteous manner, without being self – righteous! Just how might one understand what’s relevant, until/ unless he pays keen attention, to the advantages and flaws, and also the advantages, in addition to drawbacks? Leading needs to concentrate on being responsive to needs, goals, priorities, and the mission of this bunch! A leader is responsible for effective leadership planning, and hunting strategic and action plans, with sustainability, and realizing ramifications, as center components.

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