As an inventor or a designer, you should be able to know your rights regarding your newly developed innovation or product. If you are an inventor, you have to get a patent for you to call your invention your own. This patent does not only serve as your proof of claim with the particular technology you made but will also serve as protection from the imitators that are out in the market to make your genius idea their own. The first step in making all of these possible is to, of course, hire a patent attorney and for some cases when your innovation is a product, hire a trademark attorney.

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Difference Between Patent and Trademark Attys.

Legal jargons can be confusing however there is a thin line difference between a patent and a trademark that is important for you to know first before you jump in distinguishing the traits needed for your men of trustworthy lawyers ready to protect your product or innovation. To put simply, a trademark is a brand that distinguishes your product from others while a patent is a property right given to an inventor to protect his or her claim on his or her invention. So basically, a trademark lawyer will help you protect your product’s brand name and design from other competing individuals and a patent attorney will help you protect your newly developed technology from other people’s claim and imitation.

Why You Need Patent and Trademark Attys’ Help

When a new product, design or invention is developed; it is only natural for a certain person or group of people as for the cases of business companies to take responsibility and claim of it. However, claiming a product may not be as easy as it may seem. Surely, it is not as difficult as actually creating the invention itself but in the legal world, the act of working on patents for example, on a particular invention may not be a simple task. A patent attorney needs to fit in loads of requirements just to qualify in the process of creating a patent application. Check patent lawyer Melbourne to cite the ten most important questions needed when in search for a qualified and reliable patent attorney. As for the case of trademark attorneys that will protect your brand name and logo, you also ought to determine specific qualifications to make sure that they are reliable enough to do the job well. Please see trademark attorney Melbourne to know more about product and design trademarks and what to look for when in search for a good trademark lawyer.