Flyers can announce sales and special events, or they can provide a customer with information about a product or service.  Flyers are easily used in mailings to current customers and potential clients.  You may already consider Guru Printers when you need color flyer printing, but do you know all of the services we have available?  Maybe not.

Most of the time people will think about making an 8.5 x 11 inch flyer, but there really is no limit to how you decide to size your flyer.  Guru Printers can make any size flyer you need.  Varying the size will make your flyer different and more noticeable.  For a mailing you might want a “regular size” flyer as the basis, but then add a small coupon flyer to entice the customer into coming in to buy your product or use your service.  We will gladly cut your flyers to the size you need.   When adding a coupon, a smaller pre-cut size is excellent since it is easily put into a wallet or purse to take along.  Don’t force your customer to bring the whole piece of paper, or tear out a coupon.  Make it easy for them to grab the coupon and go.

Another add-in to consider when making a Print Color Brochures is a magnet that has your business’ name, address, phone number, and other pertinent information on it for your customer to post in a handy spot.  Think of the restaurant magnet you have on the side of your refrigerator at home so that the phone number to call for take-out or delivery is right there when you want it.  How could that same type of magnet be useful for your business?  Help your customer keep your number front and center and ready for use any time they need it.  Guru Printers can design and print magnets for your business.  Your main job will be to hand them out.

We have already mentioned the fact that Guru Printers can design your color flyer and any other item you need printed.  Our graphics design artist is here to help you make the very best designs for your printed products.  You may figure you already know how to design your flyer but it never hurts to have an expert at graphic design look at your design.  He may have a suggestion that you had never thought of trying that will make your flyer even better.  We want your business to succeed and are here to help in many ways.

You may not realize that Guru Printers can provide support with folding and preparing your flyers for mailing.  Let us collate your mailing after we finish printing, then fold it ready for your staff to stuff into envelopes.  We are familiar with all USPS regulations and will be sure that any mailing we are helping you prepare will meet their standards

Whenever you need color flyer printing come to Guru Printers.  We will provide you with top quality flyers that are eco-friendly at a great price, and our customer service is the finest in the business.  Try some of the “other” services we offer to help speed your flyer to the customer.