Following four decades of participation in the majority of parts of leadership, by identifying, qualifying, training, consulting and developing pioneers, to serving, being a pioneer, for several associations (large and small), I’ve often been asked, what I consider, to be, the most significant factor of rule, of leading efficiently. I’ve discovered, and heard, while it’s possible to train some one, and furnish them, with the necessary and essential abilities, to move, wisely, one must start the process, with a particular type of mindset, and also attitude. If this must be summed – up, simply, and of course, it would be, one must be directed by the core principle, todo, what’s perfect! Keeping that in mind, this guide will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and talk, with the mnemonic approach, why understanding human nature. And/ or what makes us do, what we do, is important and relevant. It is vital to proceed in a righteous manner, without being self – righteous! Just how could you know what’s relevant, until/ unless he pays keen attention, to both the advantages and weaknesses, and also the positives, in addition to negatives? Leading must focus on being attentive to demands, goals, priorities, and also the mission of this group! A leader is responsible for effective leadership planning, and seeking tactical and action plans, together with sustainability, and understanding ramifications, as core components.

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