Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment with United Recovery

Recuperating from drug abuse is no easy task on one’s own. That is why the United recovery aims to give our patients not only with the beginning detox but with a bespoke therapy plan and ongoing aftercare to enhance the recovery rates of our patients. Our drug and alcohol treatment centers are luxurious, state-of-the-art, and intended to assist you in restructuring your life to be sober, happy, and healthy.

Drug Treatment Programs at Los Angeles drug rehab can assist in treating Xanax addictions, opioid addictions, heroin addictions, and so much more. Our trained medical staff is competent in every step of the recovery process, from the clinical detox to addressing the source of your addiction head-on.

Alcohol Recovery Programs

Alcohol recovery can be challenging, particularly when the source of your temptation is legal to purchase once you move out of our facilities. That is why our drug and alcohol treatment does more than get you sober; it helps you address your addiction and build up habits and strategies to stay sober in the long-term.

The United Recovery Project

Throughout your recovery, you will stay in our luxurious facilities. These facilities will assist you in recovering in a quiet and structured environment.

Clinical Detox

The drug or alcohol will be washed out of your system using medical means. During this time, you will be acknowledgedmedical staff to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

After your clinical detox, you will remain in our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center. These luxurious homes will be where you will start the healing process. We will work with you to create a custom rehabilitation plan that includes a mixture of medication, therapy, and holistic healing.

The Outpatient Program

Once you are available, you can then go into our Los Angeles drug rehab program. There are two stages to this. The first is intense, where you continue to live within our facilities but can leave to go to school or work. Later, once you have graduated from our intensive outpatient program, you can move back home and continue your therapy with us on a flexible schedule.

Our Specialized Treatments

Our Los Angeles drug rehab give a range of specific treatments to assist you to recover. We provide group therapy sessions, one-on-one therapy sessions, neurofeedback lessons, life skills, and new therapies like EMDR.

Life at United Recovery’s Inpatient Facilities

On top of our medical and therapy-based recovery programs, we also aim to support you heal holistically. We believe that a healthy body is a key to a healthy life, so while you are in our inpatient or intensive outpatient programs, you will exercise, learn how to be more mindful, enjoy yoga, learn Reiki, meditate, and so much more.