Ruby gemstone

The word Ruby has the meaning in the Latin form as the ‘Red’.  Ruby is the second hardest natural stone found on the earth, first being the diamond.  It has been included in the holy bible and Hindu Sanskrit that, Ruby is one of the most precious and valuable gemstones. Hence, Ruby has great religious beliefs. It has been in practice of using Ruby stone as jewelry since ancient civilization of human. There are different colors of Ruby available in the gemstone market. Basically, it can be categorized into two main divisions: one is light colored Ruby and another one is dark colored ruby. These two colors have the different significance. Mainly, it is recommended for the men to use the dark colored Ruby and women are recommended to use the light-colored Ruby.

How do you know the quality of Ruby gemstone?

Ruby gemstone is rare and is only found in some limited places in the world. The stone found on different places has the different quality of the stone. To know the quality of Ruby stone, you must perform some tests. When Ruby is scratched against the stone, if it shows the sign of rubbing against the stone then the quality for the Ruby is considered as the fine Ruby. But if the Ruby doesn’t have any decrement in the weight after rubbing against the stone then it is considered as the good Ruby. For the superb quality of Ruby, the Ruby must be able to ignite in the darkness.

Fact about the Ruby gemstone:

Ruby gemstone is never worn along with the three gemstones: blue sapphire, diamond, and hessonite.

What are the astrological benefits of the Ruby gemstone?

Ruby gemstone is one of the most precious and powerful gemstones. It is more precious than diamond. It holds immense astrological and mystical powers. Following are the benefits of the Ruby gemstone to the wearer:

  • Ruby gemstone benefits the wearer to help in gaining the name and fame and increases the leading power. For the people in the profession, like. Political and managerial posts, Ruby gemstone aids a lot in flourishing their achievement in the relevant field.
  • For exploring yourself and increasing the self-realization, this gemstone helps a lot. It increases your self-realization power. The stone also boosts the self-confidence and self-esteem of the wearer. For the people to improve the conversation skills, this stone aids much.
  • The Ruby gemstone helps the wearer by protecting them from the evil energies and evil eyes. For the people who have been into big problems due to the evil energies can be protected from any problems to occur to them.
  • It helps in fulfilling the dreams and achievements of the wearer. The stone provides the energy and power in fulfilling one’s dream. It encourages your inner self by providing the immense positive power.
  • As the energies of the Ruby directly connect to the body and mind., it helps in calming the blood circulation and directly benefits the eyesight of the wearer. It is believed that staring at the Ruby daily helps in increasing the eyesight. It also helps in curing the chronic pains and relieves the eye problems.
  • For the people with the depression and anxiety, this Ruby stone is the solution to suppress the tiredness and mental instability. It calms the minds and helps in increasing the creativity. Hence, it cures the depression and anxiety.
  • If worn properly and of pure gemstone, it increases the relationship status in the couples. For the couples who always run into conflicts and misunderstanding, it radiates a unique energy to prevent such conflicts. It creates the environment that helps in achieving the good positive vibes free from the conflicts.
  • Hence, Ruby gemstone is rare, expensive and extremely powerful gemstone. In astrological fields, it has great importance because it helps in balancing the star position and benefiting the owner in different ways. It should be kept clean and shouldn’t be mishandled in any way. The frequent cleanliness of the stone by warm water and cloth is extremely important. While storing the Ruby gemstone, it shouldn’t be mixed with any other stone instead keep it safe inside a separate box.