Hair loss is a very common problem which is often faced by both men and women at certain stages of their lives and it normally makes us wonder that what is causing the hair loss and how can we stop this from happening? In reality, there are many reasons for hair loss and some of these are discussed as u der for you to find a solution;

Any stress caused physically:

There can be many physical stress reasons which can bring about the loss of your hair which can be in the form of a car accident or even flue or a strong disease such as cancer; the treatment of which by chemotherapy can often result in hair loss. In such cases, one should not worry and try to reduce the causes of physical stress or if hair has been lost by chemotherapy, you can regrow your hair by provillus or by natural means.

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Because of pregnancy:

That’s right, since pregnancy can be a very stressful and traumatic experience in a woman’s life, therefore in some women it can result in the loss of hair particularly soon after the delivery of the baby. Many of the doctors consider it completely normal and can often tell you not to worry as the hair will grow up eventually after certain number of months when pregnancy period is over.

Deficiencies in your diet:

Many of the problems related to hair are caused because either we are eating a certain vitamin too much or our diet has deficiency of the essential nutrients required by the human body. Thus protein deficiency can lead to loss of hair and thus make sure your diet is not lacking protein. Also excessive vitamin A can lead to loss of hair and this can be caused if you have excessive supplements for some reason, thus check their intake.

Because of family History:

Often in males, hair loss occurs after a certain period because t is in their family to lose hair such as the fathers or grandfathers used to become bald after a certain age and it is very much possible that your diet might be perfect and you are not experiencing any physical trauma and still bring about a loss in hair only because it exists in the family. Such things can be avoided by help from a good doctor.