Everyone should be well aware that an appropriate oxygen supply is important your general health. I am a martial arts instructor and have been teaching it for the last 20 years. However, I have often felt overworked and exhausted. Due to a weak immune system, I get sick easily and often. Eventually, I had to see a doctor to help  me with this health issue. After doing a thorough checkup, my doctor suggested I try CellFood.

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It is through my doctor that I came to know about this powerful nutrient and oxygen supplement. CellFood has a distinctive formula which includes 17 amino acids, 34 enzymes, and 78 minerals. I consumed the supplement according to the dosage prescribed by my doctor. CellFood has been manufactured from all-natural organic substances. The makers say that there are no unwanted additives or banned substances in the supplement. This supplement has not only helped to improve my immunity and strength but also decreased free radicals and removed all the toxins from my body. The colloidal and ionic formula of CellFood has a negative charge solution. It is this negative charge that facilitated me in assimilating and absorbing the nutrients rapidly. Since my profession demands a fit body and healthy immune system, this supplement was very beneficial for myself. It helped to balance my body’s pH levels and eliminated the toxins from the body. After consuming the supplement for several weeks, I decided to go for a routine checkup at my doctor’s. He confirmed that there was a significant increase in oxygen uptake and iron storage in me. He also said that my body had significantly less lactic acid build-up.

Everything was well and good. But a few days later, I started feeling dizzy and nauseous. I also had severe headaches. I decided to contact my doctor. He then scheduled me for a health check. After a checkup, he said that my aliments could be side-effects from taking CellFood. As a result, I was asked to discontinue with the intake. Although the supplement worked for me in the initial stages, it proved to be ineffective later on. Therefore, it is always recommended to seek the advice of a doctor when consuming a supplement.

My doctor prescribed me with an alternative nutritional supplement called NutriO2 by Kevin Richardson. NutriO2 has been prepared from natural ingredients like sea salt, distilled water, and bio-available oxygen. These ingredients are safe to consume. NutriO2 is absolutely free of unnatural ingredients and you can use it anywhere.

By switching to NutriO2, I have benefited a lot. I have the same work schedule. I teach around 7 karate classes each day. My students are from different age groups starting from the young to adults. I myself undergo fitness sessions and work out frequently. This time, I rarely feel tired or get sick. I feel great because my body can easily sustain from workouts. My occasional injuries also heal much faster. I proudly recommend NutriO2 to everyone as it has worked for me without any side-effects. Truly, NutriO2 has made life worth the fight!