Drug addiction and drug abuse has become a common problem these days. Not only average aged people are falling prey to this dangerous addiction but the teenagers and students are also falling to this harmful abuse. Prevention and detection techniques must be applied in order to control this prevailing disease in the society.

Drug testing is usually used in order to detect the use of drugs by a person. Drug testing is commonly used during the hiring process for jobs, in schools, in organizations, etc. to make sure that the employees and students are clean from drug abuse or drug addiction.

Drug testing is classified into different types. These include urine drug testing, blood drug testing, hair testing and saliva drug testing. Although all types are extremely useful for drug testing but saliva drug testing is considered the most effective one due to a number of reasons.

What is Saliva Drug Testing?

Saliva drug tests, also known as the oral fluid drug tests, makes use of the individual’s saliva in order to detect the presence or usage of drugs. Saliva drug tests are quite easy and a number of saliva drug test kits are available in the market which can help you detect drug usage quite easily even at homes.

Saliva samples cannot be faked and so these tests are quite effective and are used by offices, schools and homes for drug detection. Urine and blood samples cannot give accurate results if the drug is used recently. However, saliva drug test can even give results if the drug is used in the previous 24 hours making it much more accurate and effective in drug detection.

How Saliva Drug Testing is Performed?

Saliva drug testing is very easy to perform. The saliva sample is taken which is then tested for the presence of drugs. A swab is usually used for taking the saliva sample which is placed between the lower cheek and the gum of the person. The swab is then tested for the presence of drug. If the kit shows a colored line, this means that the person is free from drug abuse and if the kit does not show any colored line, it means that the person is using drugs.

The drugs that can be easily detected by saliva drug tests include PCP, amphetamine, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiates, benzodiazepines, etc. With the saliva drug tests, multiple drugs can also be detected with a single sample.