6 Easy Ways to Deal with Pet Hair Using Vacuum Cleaner

There is no doubt that pets make excellent companions, and many people love keeping them at home. They shed a lot of hair, which can be a nuisance on the bed, on clothes, on the sofa, on the carpet, and on the floor. We all know how difficult it is to clean pet hair. Here are some smart ways that you can prevent your home from being covered in pet hair. By getting rid of hair, you improve the environment in the house and make the indoor air cleaner.

Use Window Squeegees To Remove Hair

When you use a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair, but you do not get the results you want, there is an effective solution. To solve this problem, you can use squeegees. The first thing you should do is take a long-handled squeegee and move it back and forth over your carpet.

By using the squeegee, you will be able to loosen the stubborn layer of hair from the surface because of the rubber attached to it. Last but not least, pick up all the hair clumps you have accumulated. This procedure should be repeated until all pet hair has been removed.

Use The Right Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner is one of the easiest ways to clean up pet hair around your house. The vacuum sucks up all the hair, dust, and germs from a surface, so they don’t spread in the air. Although suction power is important, other features such as user-friendliness, belt endurance, and agitator brush effectiveness should also be considered. Additionally, some manufacturers provide specially designed brushes for cleaning pet hair. Also, do not hurry while you run the vacuum cleaner on carpets and furniture. Also, you can hire professional cleaners to help you get rid of all the pet hair.

Use Anti-Static Spray

If you want to clean pet hair from your wooden furniture like study tables, couches, beds and chairs, take a soft piece of micro fibre cloth and an anti-static cleaning spray. This keeps the hair on the cloth itself rather than allowing it to reattach itself to your furniture.

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Use Lint Rollers On Your Pet

A Lint roller is a tool that makes removing pet hair a lot easier. Irrespective of the length of the hair, the lint roller can be used to remove hair from your clothes as well as furniture. This can also be used on your pet to collect the hair that is about to fall. These rollers come in various shapes and sizes so that you can buy them as per your need from any of the stores.

Dampened Rubber Gloves

You can use dampened rubber gloves to eliminate pet hair from your couches. When you wear the gloves and rub your hands all over your fabric belongings, friction between the fabric and glove creates static energy. And this forces the pet hair to stick to the glove. Run your hands over all the cloth surfaces to attract the pet hair.