How Can You Find Out If Someone You Know Possesses An Outstanding Warrant?

An active arrest warrant is no small matter, and you should know if you or someone you know has one. A warrant for your arrest can severely affect your employability, as well as your peace of mind. You might also want to know if a relative or friend has one so that you can be informed regarding their character. In this post, we are going to provide multiple methods for uncovering an arrest warrant, and how to go about them with caution.

Deal With The Local Courthouse

An arrest warrant is made by a county judge and can be found by contacting the county clerk. Whether you go in person or write to them, you will have to fill out an application detailing your interest in the arrest warrant. The clerk can deny applications, so make sure yours is written clearly, and with good intent.

A service fee will also be attached, and once this is paid, the clerk will get to work. This may take several days, and be warned: if there is an active warrant on yourself, then the response letter has a chance of being delivered by police officers, rather than your neighborhood mailman.

Visit A Local Sheriff’s Office

When a warrant is granted, the sheriff’s department responsible for it will also hold a copy. You can head there and request an officer on duty to assist you with your search. However, bear in mind that many departments still possess archaic methods of information storage, and this can take time to accomplish.

If you’re checking on your own active warrant, it’s best you don’t do this one in person. The officer on duty will likely arrest you on the spot, and you’ll have a court date booked for as soon as possible. We don’t advocate trying to evade the police, but it’s important that you meet the law on informed terms, rather than be caught by it.

Search For An Arrest Warrant On An Online Public Records Database

Public records databases, like SpyFly, offer access to billions of public information in a convenient way. This includes arrest records, criminal charges, and yes, active warrants.

Services like SpyFly can be used from anywhere, due to their online presence. More importantly, if you’re researching your own warrant, it’s good to know that SpyFly is a completely confidential service, and will not notify anyone of the search being made. The information presented by the service is comprehensive and will appear as written by lawn enforcement originally.

 Do Arrest Warrants Expire?

Typically, an arrest warrant does not expire and will stay on your record until you have met the conditions set by the state. Arrest warrants will naturally affect a lot of things in your life, from your employability to the likelihood of getting a loan from the bank.

However, through the use of an attorney, you can negotiate the terms of the arrest warrant, and perhaps get out on bond. Sometimes, the attorney may also advise serving the jail sentence. But no matter what, always make sure you cooperate with the law, rather than resist.

If you or a relative have an active arrest warrant, consider doing the following:

  • Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately
  • Find out if there is an amnesty program
  • Contact the court that issued the warrant
  • Prepare for the arrest
  • Arrange for a bail bondsman
  • Negotiate the time and place of your surrender

An arrest warrant is not proof of criminal activity. However, it is advisable that you respond to the arrest warrant in a good time. Once again, contact an experienced attorney for assistance.

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