Boating License

If you love Dufour yachts and cannot wait to get your hands on your very own yacht, it is important that you learn about getting a boating license. Similar to driving any other type of transportation, boating requires you to obtain a license. The good news is that this post provides the ultimate guidelines to help point you in the right direction.

Every state has requirements for operating a watercraft. Generally, you will need to have some type of boating education and safety certificate to get a license. In fact, you can even complete the boat license course online to save time. Once you have finished the course, it will be followed by a boating license test that will put your knowledge to the test. Besides, the boating safety course is not as comprehensive as an automobile driving course.

Tips to Get Your Boating License

The following tips will help you get your boating license in no time.

  • Research the boating education requirements for the state.
  • Finish the in-person or online boating education and safety course.
  • Pass the boating license test once you complete the course.
  • Submit your payment for receiving the license.
  • Keep the course completion certification or boat license with you when on the water.

Generally, the marine dealer should provide you with information about obtaining a boating license in your state if you are a first-time owner or are buying a new boat. You can also visit the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) to gather information. You can search for the boating education requirements in your state by going through their webpage.

Resources such as and will provide you with links to online boating courses that are fully approved for your state. Certain states like Connecticut do not provide online training which means that you will need to sign up for in-person training.

Do You Need a Boating License to Kayak? Important Facts You Need to Know

Take the Boating License Course

A third party usually administers the online boating course for most states. The cost of the course is nominal. The Boat US Foundation provides boating license courses for up to 35 states. You should be able to complete the course within 3 hours. The course would be taken according to your preferences. You can complete it in one sitting or go through it over a week. Once you finish the course, you must take an exam and clear it to get the boating license.

Boating Education Requirements

Once again, the boating education requirements depend on the state. The rules would be different for each state. Hence, you have to go through the exact requirements to find out what to expect. Make sure to learn about these requirements to stay in the know.


A boating license will enable you to go boating without any issues. It is mandatory to have your boating license or course completion certificate with you when you go boating. Hence, you should keep it on any of your Dufour yachts.