Products People Need

In this world of “Followers”, we follow people that are likedmany people and somebody that are attractive. We saw them on television and social media we copy them, the famous celebrities. We even get or buy what they have and try looking and living like them. But there are also things we need in daily living or for our wellness than some useless products that are only advertised and getfans and just wasting their money.

Let’s take a look on the 11 products that should be advertisedthese celebs:

Cyberdust for Justin Bieber

Well Justin maybe confused about whatever he has with Selena but fans have seen all the screenshots madeSelena asking for forgiveness. Not only Justin needs this privacy messaging app. There are many people experienced same thing as Justin.

Dental Hygiene Products for Tom Cruise

Have you seen the before and after photos of Tom? He used to have broken teeth but now he have a perfect set of teeth that suites his handsome face well.

Tweezers for Cara Delevigne

Cara is a model, singer and actress from UK and ladies all know what she has that made her more likable. She is known for her very expressive thick eyebrow. Cara took her mother’s advice never to trim or tame her eyebrows.

Medical Marijuana for Selena Gomez

Going back to Selena Gomez, she is a singer known to have problems regarding to her health. Other than Justin, Selena had a depression, anxiety and therapy. Also she went on a Kidney transplant due to having complications from the auto-immune disease Lupus. She can use this medication to at least lessen depression as the medicine may relieve pain and inflammation.

Hair Extensions for Ariana Grande

Ariane is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She also known for her trademark hair ponytail. Many young ladies and teenagers follow her and her hairstyle as well.

Lip gloss for Angelina Jolie

The highest paid actress in the Hollywood knownmany people since Tomb Raider and her gorgeous pouty lips. Many are intriguedher lips but since it never changed from the start maybe she never really did lip filler. She is still the most famous lips in the world.

Waist Trainers for Tyra Banks

A model, writer of Modelland and also the Host of TV Show America’s Next Top Model is perfect for endorsing waist trainers as she has a perfect model type body and a curvy waistline and also a mother.

Trojan for Kanye West

Who else doesn’t know about the Kardashian family? Especially Kim and her sex tape scandal. It would be best if Kanye endorse this Trojan Software.

Flat and Curling Iron for The Queen B yonce

Beyonce Knowles-Carter has a natural afro hair, it would be best if she shows her hair and the flat and curling iron to transform it. For sure everybody will follow buying it. She’s the Queen B anyway.

Hair Dye for Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a famous singer who is constantly changing her hairstyle and color on the music videos, maybe a wig. All of her hairstyles and hair color suites her very well. She’s so cute.

Rogaine for Robert Pattinson

The Twilight star are constantly dying, styling and bleaching his hair often for the shoots of The Twilight Saga resulting to damage his scalp and show a visible blank spot once in an event. Bringing back the spotlight may do if he endorse this product.