Lifeguard Exam: How Does It Work?

Lifeguard exams vary depending on the type of lifeguard certificate you want to achieve. You will have to take into account practical tests relating to swimming rescue, rowing tests, practical tests of knots and first aid, and, of course, a theoretical exam aimed at verifying the candidate’s general knowledge of the main notions of rescue.

  • The Examining Commission for the “Lifeguard certification” exams is composed of:
  • an Officer of the Corps of the Port Authorities, of a rank not lower than Lieutenant of Vessel, with functions of President
  • an Instructor who is a representative of the National institute where the course took place
  • a non-commissioned officer of the Port Authority Corps, of a rank not lower than 3rd class head, with the functions of Secretary.

The Examining Commission for the “Lifeguard Lifeguard for Swimming Pool” exams is composed of:

  • the National President, or a delegate, with the functions of President;
  • an Instructor in Marine Arts for Rescue – IAMA.S .;
  • a doctor;
  • a Secretary.

Depending on the company that will issue you the lifeguard certificate, the duration of its validity will change.

Does this mean that after 2-3 years you will have to take the exam all over again?

No, you can simply renew the lifeguard certificate but it is highly recommended to follow a refresher course to verify that you know the – perhaps new – rescue rules and maneuvers.

Useful info if you are still a student: the lifeguard certification is valid for the purpose of assigning educational credit to the state exams of the 2nd-grade secondary school!

Lifeguard Profession: All Your Duties

The job of a first responder remains a job with a high degree of responsibility. In addition to supervision, you will be required to do prevention, teaching, and, for higher positions, team management.

The duties of a lifeguard can be summarized as follows:

  • Supervision of bathers and their aquatic activities, making sure that no one endangers himself or anyone else;
  • Intervention to prevent accidents in the water;
  • Rescue those who are in danger or in difficulty with first aid and resuscitation maneuvers and interventions;
  • Maintenance of life-saving equipment and equipment;
  • Communication with the Harbor Master’s Office in case of dangerous situations! (this is obviously if you are at the sea, not in the pool!)

Be A Decision Maker

In short, being a lifeguard is not the profession for you if you are afraid of having to enforce the rules on those who really do not want to or if you are a person who panics in the face of emergency situations: when it comes to saving a life, you need a cool head and the ability to be rational.

Drills for Refreshing the Fundamentals of Lifeguard Water In-Service| Aquatics International Magazine

You will discover from the very first lessons, for example, that you must rescue if and only if you are safe: to understand, it is useless to go out into the open sea during a storm to save those in danger then find yourself two to ask for help from the lifeguard stayed ashore!

This is why it is important to have good preparation not only physically, but also mentally. You will find yourself making decisions quickly and under stress … you better know how to deal with them right away to avoid finding yourself in difficulty when you have to be lucid and reactive.

Final Thoughts

The position of a lifeguard is full of responsibilities (including criminal), but this is not the only thing about being a lifeguard: there are many advantages to being a lifeguard, such as regular working hours, a permanent job, bonuses for certain positions … and a work environment that many people dream.

At the American Lifeguard Association, lifeguard certification training courses are accessible to everyone and for all levels of study and this is a real springboard to enter working life or to retrain.

Are you ready to jump (in the water)? Do not hesitate to contact the American Lifeguard association if you are making queries for lifeguard certification near me.