Watch Magic

Many users want to buy one after seeing their friends wearing a delicate smart watch. Today’s article will bring you an evaluation of HONOR Watch Magic. I hope it can help all users when purchasing this smart watch.

Let’s first talk about its appearance. Its color is Meteorite Black. It is gorgeous and beautiful. Its thickness is only 9.8 mm. Its shape is curved, which fits the wrist more closely. All the details of it are perfect. The bezel of the watch is made of ceramic and will look like a new one no matter how long it is used. Ceramics are very smooth, and users will be more comfortable when wearing this smart watch. These exterior designs make it a fashion watch in the smart watch industry.

Second, let’s talk about its touch screen. This watch has a 1.2-inch AMOLED touch screen. The resolution of the screen reaches 390*390. It can provide users with excellent visual experience.

The third point is its battery life. This watch has two chips and uses different chips to work in different working conditions. If you only turn on the message notification and time, the watch can work for up to two weeks. It can run for 10 hours in an efficient exercise state with full function. It only needs to be recharged once a week for normal use.

The fourth point is its powerful function. This smart watch can monitor your heart rate in real time. Every heartbeat of yours will be recorded. It is equipped with HUAWEI TruSeen TM 3.0, and with the latest AI algorithm. The heart rate measured by users during exercise is accurate. It has a variety of sports modes. They include mountaineering, running, riding, swimming or other sports. It can adjust the watch function in real time, thus calculating the energy consumption more accurately. This watch, together with app, can accurately provide customers with all-round evaluation after exercise. This watch can detect the user’s sleep. It can give suggestions suitable for the user. It can enable users to better manage their sleep and have a good sleep.

Watch Magic

The last point is the price. On HONOR UK’s official website, the price of HONOR Watch Magic is only £69.99. This price is very exciting. You know, its original price is £179.99. The price after the discount has decreased. There are many choices for watchbands. It is a product that you will never regret.