Android phones normally have a massive internal memory for data storage. However, many of these cell phones also support microSD card, especially the famous ones like Samsung, LG and other likes. While they are good extended support for storage, microSD cards have a weakness that they are easily corrupted from virus or suffer from other system errors. If you have any such problem in your Android, you may sort this out by yourself, before you visit any data recovery service in Toronto.

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There are a many ways to fix Android phone microSD cards. Some ways are meant for professionals while others can be done rather easily. To help you do it all by yourself, Taking It Mobile Torontois providing insight on two most common ways of fixing your microSD card for Android phone.

  • You can format your android phone’s SD card without detaching it from the phone, or
  • You can fix your android phone’s microSD card by using Windows OS

So, here’s how you can do it.

How to Format Android Phone MicroSD Card in the Phone

According to the data recovery company Toronto, this method should only be used when you have no other options, or any emergency. In most of the cases, formatting MicroSD card in the phone results in data loss from the card. However, this method will help fix Android phone microSD card. If possible, create backups of your card and follow these steps:

Enter Recovery Mode: Entering in the recovery mode depends upon the brand of Android phone you are using. For example, if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can enter the mode by pressing Volume + Power button simultaneously. If you have different brand of Android phone, you can find the steps of entering recovery mode, on the internet.

Format: After entering the recovery mode, press the “Format SD Card” option to format your card.

How to Fix Android Phone MicroSD Card with Windows Computer

Unplug your SD card from the phone.

Connect the card to Windows computer that also has a card-reader installed.

To find out whether the memory card is physically damaged or not, see the results. If it is not damaged, the computer will recognize it as removable drive. Otherwise, it’s damaged.

Open “cmd” for dick checking.

Type “chkdsk H:f” and press enter. Here, “H” is the directory name of your microSD card in your computer. (Your computer might have a different directory name. Type the name of directory in place of “H”)

After receiving above mentioned command, the computer will automatically check errors in the memory card.

Now you should try to access the card. If you get an access, you will be able to use the card in your phone.

Plug the microSD card back to the Android phone. It’ll work.

Final Words

Fixing microSD card errors is easy. Make sure that the card is not damaged. Then you can make the card work through small and simple steps.