Sell Your Images Online

Selling fine art and images online is becoming a more popular way to make money without leaving home.

Until now, these ways were mainly restricted to people who are highly skilled in computer graphics or design, but the reality is that you don’t need any special software for 3D modelling or know how to code HTML pages. Everything you need to sell your images online is the desire and a little bit of patience.

With that said, how would you like to see how much money does one stock image sell for? It might be surprising! The average price for one royalty-free image is $3.80 – $8.30 (the numbers vary depending on how popular the idea is, how unique it is and how often it has already been downloaded). If you think that’s still too low for you, try selling your images yourself.

How to Sell Images Online?

1. Choose A Platform:

A perfect place to start would be online services like or that allow you to upload your images and set how much they are worth and how often they can be downloaded. The photographer gets 68% of the payment (sold for $1 or more).

All you need to do is click on the “Upload Images” button, select pictures from your computer, and upload them. Of course, the most famous images will be seen more often, and the ones with low quality or small size won’t be bought as much, so try to use good image protection editing software such as Photoshop if you want to sell your images online.

Try selling your images yourself if you don’t want to give away 68% of your earnings. Of course, this way, you have to do all the marketing, image protection editing, and customer serviceyourself, but how difficult can that be? So instead, how to sell your images online, create a website or web page where people can download your images in exchange for money. Or, you can use WordPress gallery plugin like FooGallery to display your photos on your blog or website.

You also need to protect your work with some copyrighted code and for how to sell your images online (for example, Gutenberg block ) before uploading them online. This way, if somebody tries to steal your images and sell them as their own, you can prove that they’re not the actual author!

2. Marketing:

The biggest problem for selling images is how to promote a website or a web page where people can buy pictures. After you create it, how will they find out about its existence? There are several ways to sell images online – some will focus on more traditional marketing methods (for example, search engine optimization or PPC).

Still, the more effective one is viral marketing. It means that Gutenberg block pictures are being shared between people more often than usual, and each person who downloads your image might tell how to sell pictures to seven other people.

If even one among them does the same (means how many people can download free images), how much money do you make in total!

Who should know about how to upload pictures online? The more, the better! Even if you don’t get any direct orders for selling images, you will create Gutenberg block more traffic to make money online.

3. Price:

Sell Your Photos Online: Make Up To $100 Per Image | Dollar Flow

How much does one image sell for? It depends on the competition. If there are a lot of free photos available online, you can ask for more money for how to publish pictures or charge per download.

Please think of how many people might see your pictures and choose a price that’s worth it. It would be best to consider a couple of costs if you want to create price discrimination – when different people are charged different prices for the same product.

For example, if you sell how to make money online illustrations or images that can be used in business presentations and those which are more straightforward, offer a couple of prices (for the simpler ones) and let your customers decide themselves what’s better for the price they’re willing to pay.

4. Be Unique:

The last thing that will help you sell your images online is being unique – providing something memorable that customers can’t get elsewhere! If your pictures are outstanding, people might even be willing to pay more than usual not to lose this opportunity to upload images.

That’s why you should never give away the full rights to your images if you want to become rich. But, of course, you can always upload free photos online and sell them under your name!


How to upload images? It should be an easy task. All you have to do is click a button and upload your pictures. After that, you have to learn how to sell pictures online to make some money. Just remember the three golden rules. Firstly, don’t give away 68% of your earnings. Secondly, promote your images as much as possible and finally, price your pictures accordingly and do price discrimination.