Are Dryland Ice Tiles As Good As Synthetic Ice?

There seems to be a lot of buzz around the topic of dryland ice tiles. This robust hockey flooring solution is a popular product among many hockey champions that like to practice in their own homes. Dryland hockey flooring is one of the greatest ways to set up a practice rink in a small area. The tiles are usually one footone foot and easily snap together to form a seamless surface. But, are they as good a synthetic ice? That all depends on what you are using them for.

Slick Tiles – Dryland Hockey Flooring

One of the most amazing things about the Sniper’s Edge Hockey slick tiles is how durable they are. They are built to handle all of the hardcore practice sessions that it takes to become a champion hockey player. Not only do they last long, but they are made with a special polymer that is designed to be just as slick as ice so that the player gets a taste of the authentic feel of ice when they practice. The pucks and sticks glide nicely across the surface, much like playing in a real game. However, you can’t skate on dryland flooring with ice skates. You can play and practice all you want with rollerblades or tennis shoes, but the blades of ice skates will not work well on this type of flooring.

Synthetic Ice Hockey Flooring

Sniper’s Edge Hockey offers a great synthetic ice hockey flooring solution. Synthetic ice was made for people to ice skate on. Although it is not exactly like skating on real ice, it is a lot like it. Ice is cold, and when you skate on it, you cause ice chips to break apart and fly around. There is some flaking on synthetic ice that comes from skidding and such, but it is not cold, and it is different from ice. Also, ice skating on synthetic ice has more resistance than on real ice. Not much more, but it is noticeable. The good thing about more resistance is that it helps to train for strength. When it comes to the way a puck slides across the surface of the synthetic ice flooring, it is flawless and glides just like on a real rink. Synthetic ice is excellent for ice skating on but it is not so great for rollerblading on. If you prefer roller skates, you are better off with the dryland ice tiles.

Which Is Better?

Out of dryland hockey flooring tiles and synthetic ice, the best option would be the one that serves your needs the most. Dryland tiles are made so that you can set up a small area and turn it into a practice spot, where synthetic ice is made for bigger spaces. You can use ice skates on synthetic ice, but not on dryland tiles. You can use roller blades on dryland tiles, but you can’t on synthetic ice. Depending on your needs and the amount of space that you have to work with will determine what is right for you. Both are great training aids to have that will give you tons of practice, and last for many years to come.