As state celebrates Independence Day, thousands of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) employees and activists started their march towards national capital from the alleged rigging in general elections 2013 on Friday.

The march has been tripped in a bid to oust the PML- carry mid-term and DEBORAH government elections beneath the ‘non- nanny government that was political’.

A significant number of PTI personnel including kids and ladies obtained at Zaman Park, Imran Khan’s property, to be involved in the long drive.

Imran Khan left his residence after possessing special wishes for the rally’s success at 12:30PM.

Handling the move, he urged the masses to participate in the rally due to their own great.

Another target will be madethe PTI chief towards the personnel at Faisal Chowk where he would leave for Islamabad.