Ian Woodley BMI Regional brain of Frank Mertens that is advertising could keep his role pursuing the completion of the sales of the airline of today’s to Field Aviation Holdings, who claim no redundancies are plannedBritish Airways.

Field Aviation Holdings is a range of marketers that IAG has previously called having " extensive flight experience".

SAH said the Regional airline will be working "business as usual", while mind of marketing Frank Mertens will proceed in his purpose maintaining its brand identity as part of the sale. SAH said there will be no job cutbacks in the airline as part of the sales, maintaining its 330 staff.

Ian Woodley BMI Regional, who co-created flight Business Oxygen and sold it can be chief executive of BMI Regional.

He said: " It is very much our aim to create the circle in both the UK with the long run currently attached and that anxiety eliminated, we can look-ahead with confidence."

The package that is £8m incorporates each of BMI Regional’s fixed assets and long term liabilities, including owned and operating lease plane.

IAG was forced to battle decline-creating BMI Regional and BMI’s part airlines bmi baby included in its takeover of BMI, after former owner Lufthansa did not look for a consumer. IAG has released that bmi baby will undoubtedly be groundedSept.

BMI Regional is based in Aberdeen and flies to 14 locations from UK airports.

SAH is backedStephen Bond, that are likewise investors in Loganair.