Belgium is the number one around the world when it comes to the variety of beer. Belgians have been drinking beer in Belgium since the middle ages. Belgium beer has a very good taste and presentation. From low to heavy alcohol beer, from dark to blond beer, from sweet and fruity to bitter or sour beer.


What makes Belgium beers so special? If you want to know the answer on that question, you have to try and taste the wide variety of Belgium beers in the local cafés or breweries. In Belgium you will find plenty of neighborhood cafes where you can try and taste the most common Belgium beers but you can also buy a big selection of Belgium beers at most of the supermarkets. You need a big selection of Belgium beers to see the the wide variety that comes out of Belgium. If you start tasting Belgium beers today, you’ll have plenty of Belgium beer types to try in the future. Venture Café claims that different kinds of yeast yield different types of flavors. The yeast Belgians use allegedly that gives Belgium beer a fruity, spicy, or earthy flavor.

Belgium beer has a lot of followers that are just as zealous as French wine drinkers who think Bordeaux is the only place in the world where you can find a good and fine vintage wine. But in Belgium you will find a wider range of flavours and different types of beer than in the whole world. Belgium is a small country but despite that, there are more than 180 breweries in the country.