Go-karting is an incredible pastime. Racing your friends, zooming around the track. It’s almost like driving but in a very small car. Go-kart technology has evolved over the years just like the rest of the technology we have. If you’re a go-kart enthusiast and have been wondering where the best place to go kart near me, and you’re in Birmingham, Alabama you’re in the right place. We’re going to take a look at the best place to go go-karting in the Birmingham area that you can take your friends, family, date, or even just yourself to. If you are looking for fun things to do, look no further.

The Highest Quality Karts

Today we’re only going to be looking at one go-karting facility and that is Birmingham’s own indoor go-karting course. This course takes karting very seriously and that’s immediately obvious when you take a look at the karts that they use for their business.

Firstly, they only use authentic Italian third-generation electric go-carts. That might not sound impressive, but when you consider the fact that these beasts have a whole 20 horsepower that changes things a bit. The karts that this track uses can go up to 50 miles per hour and can accelerate incredibly fast. That means that you’ll never be stuck waiting for your kart to speed up, these karts are incredibly responsive both for speed but for turning as well.

Safety is a Core Value

There is some risk that comes with driving anything that goes 50 miles an hour. As humans, we really aren’t designed to go that fast, so if something bad happened and no one prepared for it that could lead to serious injury. Fortunately at Birmingham’s best indoor go-kart track they have considered the risk that people take any time they get behind the wheel.

Firstly, they will provide you with a helmet to wear while karting. That will help keep your brain nice and safe from injury if the worst happens. Secondly, these go-karts are incredibly unlikely to flip on you. Unlike gas-powered go-karts which that was always a possibility. The karts that are used at this facility are also different from gas ones in the way that the mechanical components are stored. Gas karts usually keep everything up top, and that makes it really easy for users to be burned. Electric karts keep everything underneath removing that threat almost entirely.

There’s also the fact that each kart has dual disk breaks to help its stopping power. The facility also has controls to make all of the karts slow down or even stop if there’s a hazard on the track. The 4 point professional-grade harnesses will do a great job at ensuring you stay inside the kart, and the facility has advanced guardrails that further increase general safety.

The best part is that this facility is taking Covid-19 very seriously and has rigorous sanitation policy. The helmets and karts are sanitized between uses and everyone, customer and employees alike must wear a face mask in order to be in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines that were set forth by the CDC.

Go Karting with Confidence

Whenever you go go-karting it’s important to know that the place you’re going to is as concerned with your safety as you are while not sacrificing any of the fun you can have. Fortunately, if you live in Birmingham, Alabama you have a great indoor go-kart course that wants to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible while having a great time zipping around their tracks. Whether you’re looking to take home the gold or just want to drive a go-kart for a little while, this facility has your back.