Health Consequences Of Drugs And Alcohol You Need To Know

It’s nothing surprising that drugs and alcohol cause serious effects to life. Every different kind of drug affects the body in different ways and the effects related to drugs also vary from person to person. The effect of drugs on an individual depends on a variety of influences like health, body size, body capacity, the amount and strength of the drug, and whether any other drugs are in use along with this at the same time. It’s important to note that the illegal drugs are not under controlled materials so their quality and strength may vary accordingly.

It’s really difficult to imagine but the abuse of these drugs and alcohol changes everything from your body to your bank account. It seems like they are making you better but medical marijuana doctors have considered them a substance that causes you long term damage in every aspect. So, before heading towards the bottle of alcohol or any other drugs, don’t forget its harmful effects on your health and life.

Let’s discuss a few of the health consequences of drugs and alcohol which are as follows:

1- Abnormal Heart-Rate And Health Issues

The use of drugs and alcohol affects every part of the body from your heart to your intestine. The use of such substances causes irregular heart rhythms and heart attacks, and inserting drugs in the body results in collapsing veins and severe infections in heart valves as well as collapses your nervous system. Not only this, but some drugs also stop your bones from growing properly and even results in severe muscle cramping and overall weakness. The long period of drug intake eventually damages your liver and kidneys.

2- Infections

Drug adductors suffer through many infections likesharing needles which are used to inject drugs in the body. These drugs can cause serious diseases like Hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HIV. The spread of common diseases like cold, flu, influenza, and mono also occurs from sharing bongs and pipes.

As well as, in the influence of drugs or alcohols you also forget to engage in safe sex manners. Due to which, unsafe sex increases the chances of sexually transmitted diseases.

3- Lungs Diseases And Mental Health Problems

Drugs and alcohol cause many health problems like schizophrenia. And when it is smoked, lung diseases occur like asthma, chronic bronchitis, and lung, throat, mouth, and tongue cancer. These substances cause effects on brain works. Regular use of it can cause hard for you to concentrate on a thing for so long. As well as, it affects the learning ability and to retain information. The disease of forgetting things is also causedsuch intakes.

Taking drugs changes the thinking and feeling patterns and increases your struggle to control your actions and thoughts.


Initially, drug takers mostly think that the drugs won’t harm their bodies because they are just taking it casually. But in actual the regular you start taking it the more you become addicted to it. And many drugs and alcohol increases dependence on themtheir prolonged use. The drugs dependence quickly affects the psychological and mental health and also affects your social and work life.

Keep it in mind, the use of drugs is no way safe for you. So, be careful before taking any kind of drug.