The Benefits of Praxis EMR

Praxis Emr is a cloud-based practice management tool that enables higher quality and faster practice. However, it is not an EHR. Instead, it works by learning about the user’s preferred workflow and practice style. The intuitive interface is easy to use, allowing the user to focus on delivering care. And because Praxis is constantly evolving, it can adapt to your working style and improve your efficiency. The following are the main benefits of using Praxis.

  • The Praxis EMR is easy to learn and use. Physicians can complete their electronic charts within a short amount of time. It has more than 5000 physicians using it. The software is flexible and allows for customization. Its powerful query engine, DataMiner, can map a patient’s medical history and recommend the best course of treatment based on that information. The concept processor also provides Evidence-Based Medical advice to the physician.
  • The AI system embedded in Praxis EMR helps physicians adapt the software to their workflows. As a result, it helps to save time by providing medical advice when it is needed. The AI also offers personalized guidance to reduce time-consuming data entry. Moreover, the platform is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and other devices. Furthermore, it is cloud-based and can be used on-premise. This feature also allows doctors to create customized templates without having to depend on templates.
  • Integration with other software. Praxis EMR is HIPAA compliant, integrated with labs, and includes specialty-specific EMR management. The system is designed to simplify the administration and clinical operations of medical practice. It is HIPAA-compliant and is available on-premise or Web-based. The system is designed to fit the needs of all medical specialties, and it can be easily deployed on a small or mid-sized practice.
  • The Praxis EMR is a specialized electronic medical record system that does not contain predefined templates. It is not limited to ambulatory practices. It can be used by hospitals, ambulatory clinics, and any size, of course. In addition, the program is affordable and offers multiple billing options. In addition to its Uniqueness, Praxis EMR is a valuable investment for any healthcare practice.
  • Because Praxis EMR is HIPAA and One-ATCB-compliant, it can adjust to new rules and regulations without changing vendors. It is easy to report to government agencies for PQRS and other Quality Reporting Programs. It also allows you to create and edit reports and share patient notes. If you want to be more efficient, practice your practices with a thriving Praxis EMR.

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  • As your practice grows, Praxis EMR will grow with you. Its modularity allows you to use it in any way you want, regardless of your practice’s size. For instance, you can customize the layout to match your needs and practice style. You can even customize the design to match your pattern. And the AI-based feature makes it even easier to access the patient’s medical history and previous information.
  • While the Praxis EMR has an intense learning curve, its customizable features will suit any practice. Users can choose the language of records. It is highly scalable, so that you can change it at any time. The AI-powered EMR can learn the habits of doctors and improve efficiency. It can adapt to your workflow. It can also recognize duplicate text and automatically compare different cases. The customizations are endless.
  • The artificial intelligence in Praxis makes it easier to fall on predesigned care plans. By learning about your practices, it can adapt to your specific needs. And because it learns from you, it can also improve patient care. If you practice unique medicine, Praxis will help you become a better doctor. Its AI features can streamline the entire workflow of the EMR and improve clinical efficiency. If you want to know more about the AI-based health management tool, click here.
  • The ease of use. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for patients to use. The user-friendly software makes it easy to navigate. It has all the essential features a doctor needs to do his job. In addition to the patient portal, Praxis EMR has all the features required for effective and efficient medical care. Doctors and nurses can use it. It can even be used by doctors who practice in different fields.