We will be back in 2022 after the State Dominican Pro Cigar Fiesta canceled this yearan epidemic. One of the three main Procigar fiestas in the best industry usually took place in February.

Fortunately, it brings the island states with handmade smoke, sound, and arts. The occasion is organized for all guests in a friendly environment.

Recent Updated for the Cigar Enthusiasts:

The Procigar Fiesta will last from February 22 to 25, 2022. The occasion supports the best online cigar store. Unlike the actual fiestas, the occasion is rather small. It will be held in Santiago, not in La Roman.

For cigar lovers, this is the biggest highlight of the year. They will be glad to know that cigar producers of the Dominican are opening their industries as well. Their purpose is to give a better understanding to the public. They guide people on how leading Dominican cigars are made.

The Fiesta’s layout is both simple and gorgeous. In the afternoon, there will be Cigars Factories and Smoke Picnic tables. In the evening, there will be a fantastic gala supper. Cigars abound in this location. Furthermore, cigar manufacturers are not only accessible but also approachable.


It is sad news to know that this year the cigar occasion has been canceled. Later the Procigar Fiesta was delayed to find a safe date. It will begin on February 21. Now, due to the high figure of COVID patients, Procigar canceled the Fiesta this year.

Chairman Hendrik Kellner said in his media announcement:

“It is very difficult for us to terminate this Procigar Fiesta 2021. We know this resolution is unacceptable. But we want each person to realize the current trend. Their top main concern is to ensure the safety of our staff and attendees.”

But not that bad. Procigar has previously declared the 2022 fiesta date. If the government’s prediction is correct, this Fiesta 2022 will take place from February 20 to 25. The Fiesta will be similar to the past Procigar fiesta. And it is not limited to one place in the Dominican State.

In its place, contributors tend to travel from one region to another region. For instance, it previously moved from east to west.

We hope you can still enjoy the tour next year. Visitors will have a great time with the new people. It offers cigars on the top floor.

What’s in the Bag of the Procigar Festival?

The new data provides a return to the customary event order. Due to the current epidemic of Covid-19, the 78th General Assembly was postponed to October. It starts shortly after the reopening in 2021. It shows causes of anxiety as well.

However, the 2022 fiesta was postponed again to the customary spring date. After the Speed ​​Festival 2021 discount, all three occasions are booked.

Procigar consists of several cigar producers.

Besides this, other producers are Tabacalera La Alianza and others.

At the Procigar Fiesta, visitors can experience first-hand cigar manufacturing. They’ll also learn about tobacco productioninspecting a variety of cigar grounds. All of the guests will go on commercial trips with several of the remaining workforce.

The Celebration procedure, on the other hand, includes a dinner with prominent cigar manufacturers. It brings together brand owners, as well as professional workshops and seminars. The sessions also include access to all supper engagements. The celebration also includes transportation to all destinations, food, and a selection of cigarettes. It contains both new and used tobacco.

Is the Dominican Cigar Festival supportedthe Prodigal Festival?

Furthermore, Procigar 2022 is already open for registration. It means that everyone interested in attending the Dominican Cigar Festival can reserve a spot.

Following the cancellation from this year’s party due to the COVID 19 outbreak, Procigar will return from February 22 to 25. It was hosted at the Dominican cigar company’s vicinity. Spanish conquistador Caracoles hosts the celebration.

For certain fiesta members, though, the date will be pushed back to 2022. In the event of Procigar 2022, the celebration is cancelledthe organization. It implies that the Procigar festival officially begins in Santiago.

This type of occasion usually starts from Sunday to Tuesday. The occasion is organized in the resort, Casa de Campo. It allows visitors to visit the greatest cigar company, Taba Carrera de Garcia. However, several Procigar participants have not joined the La Romani party.

When Will the Occasion Begin?

The occasion will start on Tuesday. However, it will start from registering and concoction hours. Also, visitors will have the opportunity to visit grounds and factories. They will get information about cigar types. Also the festival organizers handle all Procigar manufacturing processes.

The evening includes dinners that will be detained around the whole venue. It includes a white gathering at the city’s main shrine. The festival combines with many popular cigar producers and manufacturing companies.

Furthermore, the Fiesta will come to a close with the conception of Common Grounds Day. After that, there will be a gala dinner. It connected to a graphical crafts and cigar store. The majority of these are custom-made for the event, complete with their very own humidifiers.

When does the Procigar Festival in 2022 start?

Consequently, countries near the autumnal equinox must experience the greatest day. Further, the Fiesta has been a customary venue for fiestas. It starts from the start to the mid-2010s.

The astonishing future Workshop will surprise visitors. It will also surprise the world’s top producers of new super vehicles. The festival includes the newest vehicles. They can operate these vehicles on the hills. Electric Opportunity returns after its 2021 appearance. It is the perfect time and location for customers. They can support themselves in this era of social media.


Finally, we have explained everything that will be part of this Procigar Fiesta 2022. It will be a great source like other previous events. Due to the pandemic, it has been delayed. Travelers, on the other hand, will have a fantastic time. So relax and look forward to this fantastic Procigar Fiesta.