Drills to  Use with Your Hockey Passer

Using a hockey passer to strengthen your game is a great way to gain skills and stamina. Whether you are practicing on an ice skating rink or doing the deal from home on your slick tiles you can get the same kind of phenomenal workout that creates champions. The key is to stay consistent and practice with a purpose. We have put together a few drills for you to use with your hockey passer. Hopefully, you will stick with them and keep it up.

Stickhandling Drill

Stickhandling is a crucial part of the game, especially if you want to do perfect dekes and win games. It all takes a certain amount of dedication and perseverance to learn to be great, but it can happen.

Begin with your hockey passer two or three feet in front of you. Allow the triangle point to face you. Notice that there are two open rebounding sides towards the front of you. Make sure the shooting tarp is in front of you so that you have a good shot at it.

Choose whichever side you’d like to start with and put a puck down in front of it. Make two fast passes then switch to the opposite side. Repeat this three or four times then guide the puck over to make a backhand shot. 

Go back and forth between backhand shots and forehands shots.

Repeat this exercise between 4 and 6 times.

Passing Drill 1

Set your hockey passer up to be with the triangle point facing away from you. Practice with your dominant hand side a few times until you get the feel of it, then switch to the other side and build on that one.

Maneuver the puck with a forehand pass to the passer and allow it to come back to you. Next, you can slide the puck behind your body to the other side of you and shoot a quick forehand shot straight into the goal.

Repeat this exercise between 4 and 6 times, then switch to the other side of the goal and reverse backhand to the forehand then forehand to backhand.

Passing Drill 2

Set your hockey passer towards the edge of the rink with the triangle point facing away from you, and your hockey shooting tarp to your right or left. This drill allows you to keep moving as you maneuver through the exercise. This way you build speed and accuracy at the same time.

Get close to the hockey passer then begin by passing a puck at it. Let it come back to you then pass it right back. Each time you pass to it, take a step back further then repeat so that each pass that rebounds to you are further from the hockey passer. After the third pass as the puck comes back to you make a forehand shot towards the goal and score a point. Do this between 4 and 6 times then switch the passer to the opposite side and focus on your backhand shot at the end.