Alternative Crafting Ideas for Glow Sticks that are Fun

Glow sticks have been for quite some time, and you may think of them as mystical, small tubes of light that are better left to kids, campers, or even volunteers for disaster relief (you can learn more about how they operate here). You might be surprised to learn that these colorful little devices can be used to spice up your next gathering. They can still be interesting today, whether you’re young or old, and you can do more with them than just swing them around and observe the light trails.

When I was younger, I can still vividly recall being astounded at how a small, unimpressive-looking object like a glow stick could shine so brightly and the sensation of the subtle cracking and popping sound it makes when you bend it for the first time. This was followed by hours of running around with my siblings, pretending to use the glow sticks as lightsabers. Although we were a little quirky, you couldn’t say we lacked imagination. Thank goodness, there are numerous creative ways to incorporate glow sticks bulk into your next event or party.

Halloween Fun

While they can have a serious purpose, we’ll look at how they can also be enjoyable. When you decorate your pumpkin this Halloween, use one in place of a candle. You’ll be able to pick from a variety of hues; whenever I need to replace a glow stick that has expired, I like to switch up the colors. Another entertaining idea is to cut eye-shaped holes in a toilet paper or paper towel roll to make some frightening eyeballs you can hide in the bushes. Additionally, I’ve used empty one-gallon milk cartons with a few sticks inside. If you want to add something frightening to any decorations you’ve put out, sketch a ghostly face on it.

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Glowing Balloons and Cups

Start by placing one of the glow bracelets from the package in the bottom of a plastic cup for this project. Then, to give liquids a wonderful glowing touch put a clear plastic cup within the first one. Glow bracelet bundles can be purchased for a reasonable price, making this idea feasible. Try this at your next event and you’re sure to garner comments from your guests. My mother used to insert them into balloons & hang them from the walls during birthday parties. Children will undoubtedly remember this because it left an impression on me, so it must! Depending on the occasion, you may even have enough glow bracelets leftover to write a colorful, illuminating message on the wall, such as “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations.” Simply string together as many bracelets as necessary to create the words!


Chemical glow products are available in a variety of sizes, from the thin rope bracelet varieties—which are used in the majority of the projects mentioned here—to the large baton-style sticks, which are frequently used for emergencies (or more authentic lightsaber fights) and for illuminating your path in the dark while camping. Make careful to choose a size that is appropriate for the craft or lighting conditions you want to utilize at the time. You should also think about how long you need them to shine while making this decision. We wouldn’t want them to burn out just as our guests are arriving, so be sure to plan before putting them in your basket. Most glow sticks typically have a light time of 10 to 12 hours.