Life Science Careers Relevant To 2022

Thinking of a job in science? There is still scope to land a position that suits you in 2022.

The life sciences have experienced the biggest boost to their allure in generations during the last few years. It is the life sciences that give us our toxicologists and immunologists. It is these scientists who spent weeks inside the lab working on cures for Covid-19. It was the life scientist who proposed a way out of the lockdowns. It was they who advised us that washing our hands and wearing masks might prevent the spread of the covid infection. In the end, it was the biologists and the lab technicians that made life return to normal, and for that we will be forever grateful.

Let’s not stop there, though. The worst of the pandemic might well be behind us, but we are not out of the woods yet. Better, the boom that the healthcare industry experienced in the last two years shows no signs of stopping. The areas of most growth are related to those life sciences we keep mentioning. Here are some of the life science roles that are most relevant now in 2022.

The Best Life Science Careers to Retrain in for 2022

Before you rush off and post your CV to, here are some of the most top value careers in the industry in modern times.

The Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers are the people who design the equipment that we use to save lives. It was their innovation that brought us the MRI machine, new prosthetic limbs, and even the tools that surgeons use. They design this equipment, then they create it from nothing. Once they have a viable product, they must test it, maintain it, and continually improve it wherever they can. They look for safety, efficiency, and pain levels to ensure patient comfort throughout the use of their equipment. Here in the UK, the average salary for this role falls between £21,000 and £45,000.

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The Genetic Counsellor

Yes – you can require counselling based off your genetics. Why? Well that’s a good question. Imagine your parent died of early onset Alzheimer’s disease when they were only forty. Now, imagine it is your 39th birthday. People can become traumatised by their genetics, particularly if those genetics are inherited. Genetic counsellors guide those in need through the troubled waters of genetic acceptance. There is nothing any doctor in this world can do to ‘edit’ your genes. You must learn to live with the potential threat hanging over you, and that’s why this role is so important.

The Clinical Data Manager

Clinical trials are constantly ongoing to perfect the vaccines that we already have. They are used every time we develop a new drug and we need to monitor its value, progress, or problems with other drugs. The clinical data manager collates all the information these clinical trails both need and produce. They double check sources, engage in peer reviews of papers, and present findings for clinical trials.

Each of these jobs will be important in 2022. Perhaps it’s time to retrain in life sciences?